SSR Anushka Baahubali

Amidst all the controversy recently producer of Baahubali, Shobu Yarlagadda mentioned about a sweet surprise soon. So have you all got an answer to it, if not, we have one for you. It’s very simple actually, the ‘Sweet’ obviously refers to “Sweety” Anushka as she is fondly called and as it’s her birthday tomorrow (November 7), is another video on cards like the Prabhas one?

Couple of weeks ago on the birthday of actor Prabhas, a special making video was released revealing the look of Prabhas in the film Baahubali, so it now expected that another such video might be released on the occasion of the birthday of actress Anushka as well. The actress is currently involved in three big budget productions and each look was reported to be different from one another when these films were announced initially. We have already seen the look from Varna and now it’s time for Baahubali. We just hope that there aren’t any new controversies with this ‘sweet’ surprise.