Is This Argument Valid Against Agnyaathavaasi?

Is-This-Argument-Valid-Against-AgnyaathavaasiNow that it is crystal clear that ‘Agnyaathavaasi‘ was indeed a freemake of the French movie ‘Largo Winch’, the next question is, what would be the original director’s take on lifting the story and also some scenes directly from the French movie?

Let’s check the facts. Initially, T Series that bought the remake rights of the French movie had made copy allegations on ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. But, Trivikram’s team had a settlement with T-Series who owns the remake rights to the French movie. Here, there is an interesting point raised by original director Jérôme Salle that the French movie was sold to T-Series to remake it in India. But, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is released worldwide including France.

So, a few Telugu movie fans are giving free advice and ideas to the French director Salle to think about the copyright issues and go for legal remedies. But, here is another interesting and valid point. The French movie was already sold to T-Series. If T-Series had made a Bollywood movie, even that movie would go for worldwide release and a Bollywood movie can command, more number of countries and locations.

Is the argument even valid? Can the original’s director seek legal action when T-Series already come to an agreement with the makers of the Telugu movie?

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