Comedian Sunil, Comedian Sunil Threatens TV9 Reporter, Comedian Sunil Threatens TV9 Reporter Jafar, Comedian Sunil Threatens Reporter Jafar, Comedian Sunil Threatens Jafar, Hero Sunil Threatens TV9 Reporter Jafar,If an actor keeps laughing weirdly from the beginning to the end of an interview for every question the anchor asks, it will definitely look like there is some serious problem. The problem might be either with the anchor or the actor.

In a recent interview comedian, Sunil gave to a popular channel, he was seen laughing at every question and those questions were aimed at increasing the TRPs, rather than some serious discussion on Sunil’s films and career.

The interviewer was famous for bringing in controversial politicians and asking them irritating questions. For a change, this time, Sunil was brought in and the entire interview seems to be fabricated with strong questions aimed at Sunil.

The anchor went to the length of asking Sunil if he has ever seen his face in a mirror and asked himself if he suits for hero roles. Sunil immediately was seen saying that he would kill the anchor. But the seriousness also seems not so genuine. The ‘on and off’ comic and serious expressions from Sunil look like they were all pre-made.