Is The Theatrical Release Worth It For Wild Dog?It is now officially confirmed. Wild Dog will have a theatrical release. It hits cinemas on April 2nd. It has been an interesting journey for the film to reach here finally. But, the question remains, is the theatrical release worth it for Wild Dog?

King Akkineni Nagarjuna and the producer Niranjan Reddy mentioned that they were offered a huge sum for the movie’s digital rights, and they agreed to it. It is for a direct OTT release. The terms are now renegotiated as the makers opted to have a theatrical release.

Based on the snippets from the Nagarjuna and others, Wild Dog feels like the perfect OTT movie for a wide audience. We have to wait until the theatrical trailer to make a better judgement, but it looks like it could have a pan-India appeal with the right promotion. Recently, we saw how massive Drishyam 2 turned out.

Now, Wild Dog, set to release on April 2nd, clashes with a masala fare. It has multiple releases every week after its release. We have seen in the past how a well-liked Gagagam has fared. The theatrical run based on these factors could be a curtailed one.

It makes one wonder if the choice to go theatrical forgoing a considerable price is worth it. One can think of no other reason other than to have a big-screen outing. It is nice to see the love for a theatrical experience, but shouldn’t the ‘business’ aspect of it ought to be thought out, as well.

Newcomer Solomon directs Wild Dog. It is an action thriller based on real-life incidents that rocked Hyderabad.