Is-That-The-Success-Secret-Of-SS-RajamouliRajamouli is India’s biggest filmmaker. Not many would debate this fact after seeing the kind of successes he has delivered with Baahubali and RRR. But is there is a small but eighty effective secret for Rajamouli’s success?

A recent video clipping of Rajamouli’s digital interview with an English portal implies that the star filmmaker had a strong influence on creative thinking right at a young age.

“My mother never used to push me to study hard. If she saw me sitting idle, she would only ask two things. ‘Why aren’t you out, playing? or, why don’t you take a comic book or something and read?” This influenced me a lot. I used to read everything that I could lay my hands on” Rajamouli said.

Netizens are commenting that Rajamouli had a very good influence on him right from a young age and the important thing is that he used the rich habit of reading books to good effect by conceiving larger than life stories later on his career.

It is known that the master craftsman is now working on a film with Mahesh Babu which is due to hit the floors next year.