Is-Sri-Reddy-Making-Comedy-on-Rakul-Preet-SinghFighting for a cause is good, but the path one chooses to fight is also very important. Abusing and looking down on others doesn’t prove one superior. Sri Reddy has chosen the ‘abusive’ path which is actually diluting the cause for which she has been fighting.

After Rakul’s interview in which she said that producers don’t invest 100 crores just because a girl is easy to get, Sri Reddy took on the actress abusing her using silly language about Rakul’s beauty. The way Sri Reddy abused Rakul implicitly tells us that Sri Reddy thinks that she is more beautiful than the top actress.

Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, threatening Rakul Preet Singh to shut up her mouth or else she will be attacked by Sri Reddy while on the sets is a bit too much. Frankly speaking, Rakul didn’t speak anything negative and only said that she didn’t experience casting couch in the Telugu Film Industry.

Comparatively, Madhavi Latha is taking a rational path and coming up with logic when she is talking about casting couch and Telugu girls being denied opportunities. She wants an organised system in which the local talent can be encouraged. Whereas, Sri Reddy’s abuse is turning unlimited.