Telugu comedian saptagiri article photo

Prema Katha Chithra, Venkatadri Express, Kotha Janta, Geetanjali and Lovers, the first name that rings in one’s mind when we talk about these films is Sapthagiri, formerly known as Nellore Giri. Sapthagiri is the latest comedian in town who is fast winning the adulation of Telugu cinema fans. If we go into little bit of detail we would know that he has been in the industry for many years now, people might remember his short role from Parugu starring Allu Arjun, but it is only now that he is finally getting recognized. Let’s keep this aside for a moment.

Krishna, King, Dookudu, Baadshah, Race Gurram and many more recent big films, the one name that stands out from some of these biggies is Brahmanandam. In fact such has been his domination and role in the success of these films that many of them were started to being refereed as ‘Brahmi’ hits. Thanks to his unparalleled craze a trend has been set recently where almost every big or small film have used him promotions before the release of films highlighting his comic bits.

But for the first time the trend has been broken which brings us to the topic at hand. For the upcoming Ravi Teja movie Power, Sapthagiri is being highlighted very much on par with Brahmanandam. That’s not it we now have special promos and publicity material designed around his ‘Bilahari’ character in the film, all the while completely sidelining Brahmanandam. Does this mean we finally have a new age comedian breaking the monopoly of Legend Brahmanandam? Do we have in Sapthagiri a comedian who is stealing the show from Brahmanandam? What do you think? Share us your thoughts below.