Jr NTR RevengeYoung Tiger NTR is one of the biggest stars in Telugu cinema. Unfortunately his stardom is so far relegated to only the openings and after that the bad content is not helping him deliver the massive blockbuster that he is so hoping for.

The actor in his early phase did way over the top masala movies with violence in big doses. He slowly tried to change this pattern post Brundavanam and get close to the family segment as well as the youth as they are key segment in newly changed dominating demographic for a big blockbuster success. But even in these movies his over the top violence and mass action were hindering his growth. Among his recent films only Baadshah managed to avoid that level of mass mannerism which incidentally turned out to be his biggest success.

Post Baadshah the actor tried two cool movies in similar format with lots of family and romance touch but again the excessive violence and revenge angle marred them. The star vexed with these results has finally tried for a completely new makeover with Temper and has been hugely successful so far at least in terms of looks. With Sukumar film as follow up it was just the right platform, fans felt, to change gears in terms of subject but the news that his next film also a revenge drama is making the fans hold the excitement for now.

Do you think when the star has got the opportunity to work with someone like Sukumar he should have taken a risk that could have changed his on screen perception completely. Or do you think the star has done right choice by sticking to his strength as we have seen with the last film of Sukumar, what happens when he is given full free hand. Share us your thoughts?