Jr NTR photo shop wallpaper

Let’s get back in time to the year 2003. Jr NTR was on a rise and seen as the next mass emperor, the next box office conqueror with back to back ‘Mass’ blockbusters like Aadi and Simhadri in consecutive years. He was just a 20 years old kid and it looked like there was an eternity before him to rule Tollywood as a mass star with an adulated and unflinching stardom.

The fate of course had a different course planned for him with the star hitting the rock bottom even before he could blink an eyelid enjoying the newfound mass stardom. Andhrawala happened and it was followed by all time duds like Na Alludu and Narasimhudu with a below par Samba in between. Nothing was working and his looks were deteriorating. That was when SS Rajamouli restructured his career with Yamadonga and gave him a new lease of life.

Today seven years after Yamadonga and decade later after Simhadri, Tarak has not felt that kind of stardom again. And even though he has solid successes like Brundavanam, fans are still waiting for a Simhadri to happen. But is that possible in today’s market that we all know pretty well has overgrown that kind of extreme mass ventures? Today with the significant change in audience’s taste and growth of market according to it, it is difficult or may be next to impossible to repeat a feat like Simhadri. This is the conundrum haunting the star and his fans today.

The star realizing the change is not giving fans what they want and the fans being fans, expecting what they want, are not able to whole heartedly embrace what the star is dishing out to them. The best example in this regard is Baadshah which was a perfect venture according to the current set of tastes but it failed in strongest territories of the star indicating the uneasiness of the fans to embrace the new avatar of their favourite star. If that is the case with the best product, is it any surprise that his other such ventures like Ramayya Vasthavayya and the more recent Rabhasa bombed?

Under these circumstances what could Tarak do now is what is eating away all the fans as well as star’s mind. Who knows, may be a simple break from films for some months would be suffice? Re look at all the scripts, keeping not just the past but the future in mind. After all the star has done all he can in adapting to the new trends but has failed. May be the gap would make fans desperate enough to embrace the change of path the star has taken. Given his age, the box office potential and never ending offers to the star, this is the best we could think of for him to bounce back. We would like to know from our readers if they have a better plan of action so that the star hits back with vengeance? Share us your thoughts below, you never know who might be reading them.