Pawan-KalyanPowerstar Pawan Kalyan is making a comeback to movies. It is done and dusted deal. He has not one but multiple films in the lineup. However, unlike the recent past, the current set seems to be a strategy from the star. It is to test new water for the current decade.

It isn’t, however, new, for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan to come up with such plans. In the past, that is almost a decade back when the star was staring at his worst phase commercially (post-Komaram Puli), he made certain conscious choices. Pawan Kalyan okayed the remakes of Love Aaj Kal (Teen Maar) and Dabangg (Gabbar Singh).

The two remakes were the two choices to be made by Pawan Kalyan. The Teenmaar was to continue his existing “youthful and romantic” image whereas Gabbar Singh was to test out and out commercial mass waters. The phenomenal success of the later changed the way Pawan Kalyan would sign his movies later.

Some of the later films of the last decade, Sardar Gabbar Singh and Katamarayudu were picked purely to please the fans with the commercial elements that made Gabbar Singh a success and fans happy.

In a similar move, as Pawan Kalyan is making a comeback, he is testing new waters. Sensing the change in movie trends, the star has picked a content-oriented Pink remake and period flick (a new trend post-Bahubali movies) under Krish’s direction. There will also be a backup commercial entertainer with Harish Shankar (needs official confirmation).

The idea here is to present himself (Pawan Kalyan) is a new subject with content appealing to current tastes. Whichever of these clicks would determine the course of the star for this decade? All of this is besides politics, which would continue, as usual. A more significant political success in future is sure to change plans, but that’s for another day. Let’s see what is in store for the fans?