Finally the long delayed Rey had its audio launched today in a grand manner amidst fans in Shilpa Kala Vedika, Hyderabad. Everything went according to the routine till the speeches of the main guest Pawan Kalyan and director YVS Chowdhary happened.

Director YVS Chowdhary explained in detail reasons for his liking of Pawan Kalyan. He said that trust is the biggest factor for Pawan Kalyan and if someone can win his trust he would go onto any extent to help the person he has trusted. He added that Pawan Kalyan is never insecure, he would do certain things which others do to stay in limelight and get the projects etc. He would simply do his work and give his best, if he feels that he cannot give his best he would wait for another day but wouldn’t go ahead with half hearted approach. All this has made me like him, said YVS Chowdhary and all these personality traits have given rise to Pawanism, he concluded.

Pawan Kalyan meanwhile kept his speech simple and went straight to the point. He said he hasn’t asked anyone favor for Sai Dharam Tej and told him that family backing can only give you a lunch but to survive and win fans, you have to work hard and be honest always. The industry doesn’t belong to any family, a word, he said, he didn’t like to use. He concluded by saying that everyone is welcome to the industry and fresh blood in the industry always makes him happy. Well, these are the words we hear generally with any debutant, let’s see how much talent the person has to survive and win the audience’s mandate.

As Pawan’s entry in to politics turned out be a big rumour and few media outlets lashed out his wedding style recently, do fans see ‘Pawanism’ as a powerful weapon which could bring a change in our society for a good cause? Post your comment below.