pawan kalyan
The way Sampath Nandi was showed door out of ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ is giving rise to a lot speculations and discussions in the cine circles and media. Many feel that Pawan’s treatment towards Sampath Nandi isn’t fair. Killing the film maker’s time for two and half years is synonymous to killing his career.

The sudden announcement of ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ is also leading to many doubts on the makers of the movie. Only after Sampath Nandi had no other way but to move on, Ravi Teja’s film was confirmed. Then came in ‘GS 2’ announcement as if in a hurry. There are many arguments regarding ‘GS 2’ coming into scene suddenly.

Some say that as Sampath Nandi had been a part of story discussions of Pawan’s project, there is every chance that some of Pawan’s ideas on the film might inevitaby make way to Ravi Teja’s film. To avoid any such malpractice and see that Sampath Nandi wouldn’t carry any of ‘GS 2’ ideas into Ravi’s fim, Pawan’s project hurriedly came into being say some analysts. Whatever might be the arguments, after wasting two and half years of a director, don’t you think doubting his honesty is condemnable?