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Is Pawan Kalyan Averse to Fitness?

Is-Pawan-Kalyan-Averse-to-FitnessEveryone who watched ‘Agnyaathavaasi‘ and has been observing Pawan Kalyan’s look in his previous two movies and the latest one, will by default get the doubt, “Is Pawan Kalyan averse to fitness?”

Mahesh Babu is 42 years old and Pawan Kalyan is 46. The age gap between these two contemporaries is less and they are said to be competitors in the eyes of the die-hard fans of these stars who resort to fan fights taking sides. Look at Mahesh Babu, he is looking younger and growing fitter by day with his every movie irrespective of the fate of his movies. He is totally dedicated to movies.

In the case of Pawan Kalyan, he neither a full-time politician nor a film actor. He is ignoring his looks big time and hence, that aged-look in ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ in spite of good costumes and tasteful makeup.

Certainly, we can see alarming bells ringing for Pawan Kalyan and when he is working for a biggie like ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, he needs to work out to look his best as he is the one who has to carry the business perspectives of the movie on his shoulders. This issue has become a big concern for fans. Their concern is valid.

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