Harish Shankar Jr NTR second movie

Is Jr NTR going to do a film again with Harish Shankar? If the latest gossip doing the rounds in tinsel town is to be believed then it might be a reality indeed. Apparently the director and the actor have felt that they could have done so much better and the expectations got better of them in Ramayya Vastavayya. Also learning from the mistakes a full length entertainer instead of a semi-mass movie should be done, is what the duo seems to be thinking on.

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Here is some comforting scenario if this gossip becomes a reality. Remember in the past Harish Shankar first delivered a dud Shock with Ravi Teja but later the director bounced back with Mirapakai starring the same Ravi Teja in lead again. May be this is the confidence behind the actor and he hopes that the director repeats the history. While this repetition seems to be positive with the director, it didn’t work out the same way for Jr NTR though when he repeated Meher Ramesh for the second time with Shakthi.

So, all you fans of Young Tiger out there, which way do you think this combination could go if repeated for the second time. Will the director sentiment work, giving the actor a success or will the actor’s sentiment work in opposite. Share us your thoughts.

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