SPYder-Netflix---Mahesh-BabuThe first Telugu movie to be streamed on the digital platform Netflix will be Mahesh Babu’s biggest nightmare ‘Spyder’. The superstar wanted to set his foot in the Tamil Film Industry with this movie and the movie trashed not only all the dreams but also his time and efforts, big time.

The movie tanked because of several things that went wrong. Mahesh Babu’s dances and the songs received poor ratings and gave meat for the trollers, back then. Naive to what had happened and how Mahesh Babu’s dances were trolled, the North folks who are handling the promotions of ‘Spyder’ for Netflix releasing trolling Mahesh’s dance steps once again.

Maybe, they are doing it unknowingly but are reminding Mahesh Babu‘s fans about the nightmare they want to forget. The Netflix staff’s tweets are more or less similar to the trolls during ‘Spyder’ release. The superstar’s fans are not at all excited and as if adding pain to injury, North staff in the Netflix are trolling Mahesh Babu, once again.