Nani-Vijay DeverakondaThe Covid-19 has disturbed the plans of many heroes. Some are affected due to it whereas a few have benefitted, unexpectedly. Coming to the Natural Star of Telugu cinema, we have to say it is a mixed bag.

Nani was going great guns, and V was surer to take a record opening for second league heroes. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. But, in hindsight when the movie arrived digitally, the pan it got panned, it suggests V would have found it hard to sustain after the opening. In a way, it is a lucky escape, commercially speaking.

Moving ahead, within no time, Nani has set up three films for 2021. Only one of them (Ante Sundaraniki) is a new addition, though. The other two, Tuck Jagadish and Shyam Singha Roy, were locked even before Covid pandemic put the brakes.

While the line of Nani is excellent with all young talents, one gets a feeling that it is missing a biggie like V. We are talking about a film that could be a record opener within the second league.

Vijay Deverakonda, on the other hand, has Fighter. The Puri Jagannadh film no matter when it arrives is sure to take the bumper opening. The rest of the run will depend on content, as usual, though. VD also has a film with Sukumar and there is talk going on with Shiva Nirvana.

The line up of Vijay Deverakonda suggests a right mix of big and medium vehicles. The smaller one’s could benefit from the biggies around them. We saw that previously with Dear Comrade.

The competition is heating up among the second league stars. Nani is still the leader due to his consistency, but the gap is getting thinner due to the underperformance of a few of his films. The year 2021 could be a turning point in this regard. Let’s wait and see if Nani manages to sustain it or Vijay Devarakonda (or anyone else) manage to usurp it.