Is-Nagarjuna-Comfortable-with-Sri-Reddy's-MessRGV kept on requesting Nagarjuna for a film in their combination, in several public functions till Nag accepted to do ‘Officer’ with him. The movie is getting closer to release and RGV ended up in a mess advising Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan.

Instead of focusing on the film’s promotions and the post-production work, seriously, the maverick director’s curiosity landed him in serious trouble, leaving him in an awkward situation. Certainly, Nag wouldn’t want his director to be in a mess when his film is getting ready for release.

Remember, how Koratala Siva responded positively and didn’t get into the mire ahead of his film’s release and therefore, Mahesh Babu and team are comfortably promoting their movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’. But, what did RGV do? Hope, RGV focuses on his movie rather than on other controversial issues.