Is Missing RX 100 A Blessing In Disguise For Vijay Deverakonda?

Is-Missing-RX100-A-Blessing-In-Disguise-For--Vijay-DeverakondaRX100, a small movie is having a sensational run at the box office. The opening weekend was fantastic with Sunday being the best day all over. The specialty of the film is the universal run it is getting across the two Telugu states. Nizam is the best by a distance, but others too are doing very well. The movie has connected with the youth and yet missing it might have been the best thing happened to Vijay Deverakonda. Here’s why?

Vijay Deverakonda scored his first success with Pelli choopulu. It was a big hit, but many saw it as a one-off success. However, it was Arjun Reddy that made a star out of Vijay Deverakonda. The attitude, style and performances won him critical and commercial success. We are yet to see what it means commercially as his next proper release has not yet arrived.

In between, he has reportedly rejected RX100 which is a right decision in hindsight. The movie without any doubt would have been a massive success. However, it’s success, especially with the sort of character that is designed would have created too strong an impact for Vijay Deverakonda to come out. It has happened in the past, when actors get strongly associated with a “character” and they get easy success. But, in the long run, it gets increasingly difficult for them to get out. The audience doesn’t accept them in other roles.

There will always be a temptation but resisting it and incorporating only bits of the characterization helps in taking the career a long way successfully. Also, it would be okay to repeat the same act, but with a long gap and a perfect script. An RX100 four to five years later with small success in between would be perfectly fine, but it will be damaging if done back to back.

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