Is Maruthi’s Radha with Venkatesh shelved?
Is the much pompously launched Radha that was expected to be made in the combination of director Maruthi and Venkatesh shelved? The grapevine is abuzz with the rumors that it might indeed be shelved if no progress on the film or an official confirmation on the film again is made in the upcoming fortnight. As we all know Venkatesh has moved to the shooting of his Drishyam remake and has set up the Oh My God remake after it giving rise to this speculation.

Radha was supposed to be the big breakthrough for director Maruthi as he was working with a top star for the first time. But soon after its launch the film ran into trouble over plagiarism allegations which lead to the director coming out in open to defend himself. Post that press meet nothing from the director or the film has been heard which is also being cited as another reason for these rumors. There is also a talk going on that the actual script of the film is far from being completed and it may take some time for it to be completed and hence this long period of absolute nothing on the film. For now everyone is waiting for the director to show up for Kotha Janta promotions to know about the Radha fate.