Mahesh always keeps his cool and minds his business. But his late night anger tweets on Maa Tv management shocked his fans. Mahesh does tweet only to promote his movies so far but this time he sounded like he is very annoyed with Maa management on awards nominations and tweeted “Businessman not nominated in the best actor category for maa tv awards…Strange …coz I consider it as one of my finest performances till date…Maybe it is becoz of the fact that I wasn’t going to be in d country for the next 2 months…ATTENDANCE is mandatory I guess:):)

Interestingly his tweets were deleted in just few minutes. And Mahesh posted a clarification on the same. Just got calls2 know someone walked in2 my account..sorry guys. It’s not me .. done the usual, changed d password..goodnight..

Did some one really get in to his account and picked up a nice plan to degrade Mahesh? And it just so happens to be a Telugu hacker who wrote against Maa Tv and his abroad trip? Why happens Twitter world right? What’s your guess?

Below is the snap shot of hacker tweets from Mahesh account.