Is Kamal Haasan Right Person to be Supported by GautamiThe political intentions of Universal Star Kamal Haasan are crystal clear. He thinks, he is the right person to fill the political void in Tamil Nadu politics as there is a vacuum left after the demise of Jayalalitha. So, if he floats a political party, will his ex-partner who was in a live-in relationship with him for 13 years support him?

Actress Gautami didn’t give a direct reply when asked if she will support Kamal’s political party. She reminds us that politics is a different issue and one must support the right person. So, if Gautami supports Kamal Haasan in the future, we must think, she feels that Kamal is the right person to be in politics.

On the contrary to Gautami’s indirect reply, Kamal Haasan’s brother gave a direct reply. The veteran feels that Kamal will be unsuccessful in the caste-driven politics of Tamil Nadu as people see him as only a good actor.

Nevertheless, Charu Haasan accepts that Kamal is talented and a hard working person. When Superstar Rajinikanth is also evincing intetest to enter politics, the political scenario in Tamil Nadu is slowly heating up.