Is it time for Prabhas to show maturity?

Prabhas-speech-baahubali-audio speechWithout any doubt yesterday was the second biggest professional day in the career of Young Rebel Star Prabhas, the biggest would obviously be the release day of Baahubali. It is on days like these and on stage like this when the eyes of the whole world are you one has to make an impression. Has Prabhas failed on this score?

The way the actor ended the audio launch function, one has to say he missed a great opportunity to create a great impact. The entire function was being built up to that big moment for Prabhas to deliver an impactful speech that his fans would enjoy and go gaga over but the star completely fizzled out. The idea of the speech surely was right which included past experiences (days of Student No 1, Simhadri etc) and association but it lacked a maturity in delivery. It simply failed to grasp the importance of the occasion and turned out to be complete misfire.

Yes, self hyping beyond a point turns on the negative but even too much of casualness too can be a negative. There has to be a fine balance here where there is self hyperbole involved and yet not smacking of arrogance and casualness shown that doesn’t reek of carelessness. There is a very thin line and a star has to balance that in public spaces like this. It eventually adds to their charm and aura, which Prabhas is lacking currently.

Prabhas has an exponentially growing fan base and we hope Young Rebel star shows more spark and maturity in words in big functions like this going forward. It will only help in enhancing his fan following further.

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