SRK-most-nuisance-filmMany times it happens that some films which were considered nonsensical and cheap during the time of their release, in the coarse of time emerge as cult movies. Take the case of EVV’s ‘Aa Okkatii Adakku’, ‘Jambalakidi Pamba’ and many others were considered cheap films for the double meaning dialogues used throughout. Many consider them classics today.

Superstar Shahrukh Khan has the same explanation for his film ‘Happy New Year’ considered to be non-sensical film by none other than Big B’s wife Jaya Bachan. He reminds her that even her husband Superstar Amitabh Bachan’s film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ was considered nonsensical during its times. However today we say it a classic.

Though media took Jaya’s comment to new level by raising controversy, both Jaya and Shahrukh Khan are cool and had discussed about these nonsensical movies personally as a matter of fact. Jaya’s son Abhishek Bachan also happens to be the part of ‘Happy New year’ and presently basking in the super success of the film.

Obviously he is the person who is caught admist this controversy and embarassed because Shahrukh is his co-star cum big-brother figure and the other side is his mother whom he respects immensely. Sensation-mongers seem to be making most from Jaya’s habitual frank-speak. One needs to remember during her times Jaya Bachan (Jaya Badhuri) had given many award winning performances and lauded her finesse in acting. As an actor she has all the right to speak frankly on films and their content. What say?