trolls Nani Tuck Jagadish ott releaseWell, Tuck Jagadish starring Nani is more or less confirmed for OTT release. The makers are happy with the deal, but still are waiting to see if they can have the possibility of a theatrical release. Meanwhile, Nani is getting trolled online. We must say it is needless.

A few days back Nani at a pre-release event said some emotional words about theatrical releases and the atmosphere and how it’s a unique feeling. And to then have his film on OTT? Well, one can get an idea why he is getting trolled.

However, it is very unfair to troll Nani. Not many seem to be aware that he is the only reason why Tuck Jagadish is still on hold. He has been adamant about a theatrical release since the day it got postponed. The makers too were by his side. But, the government GO related to ticket pricing came as a big blow.

A big film like Tuck Jagadish could never recover its cost with the slashed prices. The makers are clear about it. So, when they had a fairly good deal, it felt like a no brainer decision to make.

Nani has his say, but it can’t be final and that too in this critical condition. It is, therefore, unfair to troll him.

Shiva Nirvana directs Tuck Jagadish. It is a commercial entertainer with great theatrical prospects. No wonder, Nani is firm on his ground. Unfortunately, the time seems to be not on his side. Is Tuck Jagadish a precursor to many more following suit? Let’s wait and see.