Multiplex-Owners-Up-In-Arms-Over-Gulabo-Sitabo's-Direct-OTT-Release,-Inox-Posts-Twitter-Statement,-Threatening-ActionAmitabh Bachchan and Ayushman Khurana starring Gulabo Sitabo is the first biggie of Indian Cinema to skip its Theatrical Release and release directly online. The movie will be Premiered online on June 12th on Amazon Prime Video. The Exhibitor Sector reacted strongly on this move.

INOX, One of the Biggest Multiplex Chain in India released a Strongly worded statement. It termed such Filmmakers as Fair Weather Partners and urged them to side with All-Weather Life-Long Partners in this dire situation. But then, the big question is if it is fair to term Filmmakers as Fair-Weather Partners.

Producers are currently in a dangerous situation and there is no normalcy in site. Coronavirus has thrown a question of existence to everyone and Producers are also struggling to keep them afloat. Moreover, everyone is aware that this is a temporary phase and films will return to the traditional model sooner or later.

Things are difficult for Exhibition sector and several Multiplex owners are negotiating lease terms with the property owners. If the Producers are fair-weather Partners, so are the Multiplex owners. The best thing is that they should support the Filmmakers in this Temporary phase.