Is It All Over for RRR At Oscars 2023?Indian Oscar jury has made the biggest blunder by not selecting RRR as the official entry to the Oscars from India. This was the first time in many decades that a film from India had a genuine chance to win the Oscars or at least get nominated in the top 5. But our jury selected a Gujarati film, The Last Film Show (Chhello Show) as India’s official entry for Oscars 2023.

As usual, our jury selected an art film as a formality which will definitely not get picked up by Oscar committee members.

So is it all over for RRR? Not yet!

Because of the blunder by our Indian jury, RRR cannot win only one award and that is ‘Best Foreign Film.’ It can still compete in other categories like Best Director and Best Original Song (Naatu Naatu), in addition to production design, cinematography, editing, and many other categories. The acting categories can also turn out to be wild card slots that could favour NTR or Charan.

But the road is going to be tough with no support from the Indian government. The team of RRR will need a significant and time-intensive push to keep the movie at the forefront of these categories as the season heats up.

It will be quite a feat on getting Academy members to see RRR in theaters who mainly watch films on the Academy Screening Portal, where RRR hasn’t been posted yet.

The team’s focus should be on getting voters to see the film as Rajamouli intended it on the big screen.

However, Rajamouli will continue to promote RRR across the USA. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that RRR gets the recognition it so very deserves at the Oscars 2023.

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