Few days back we had written (Read here) how Nandamuri Balakrishna could be a lucky star among his generation by achieving some specific targets. This is a second side of the same coin. Isn’t it a bit too late for the actor to start a hot run. What we mean to say is at this stage in his career it might be too late for him to start looking for hot combinations that would excite fans.

As we already know the actor is reportedly being set up for a film in the combination of Tamil director Hari who has become very popular among masses with his Singham films. There are also talks that the actor might do a film with VV Vinayak too post these films. And here we wonder shouldn’t the actor be doing this post the blockbuster success of Simha at least, if not earlier. Instead what did the actor do then, he signed a sure shot turkey by agreeing to do a film with veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao. The film Prama Veera Chakra completely killed off all the excitement build in the fans post the stupendous success of Simha.

It is this erratic decisions, the fans say, has put Balakrishna in the position that he is today. Sensible choice of directors, if not all the time but at the right moments at least could have done wonders to his career, they feel. Now unfortunately the actor has done irreparable damage to his image among the common audience with his choices, so getting such hot combinations after all this years at this stage in his career might not do him any good, they feel.

Can Balakrishna not give a series of big successes at this point of his career leading to his 100th film and end his career with a bang? Do you agree with the fans view that it might be too late?