Is Illayaraja's 1000th film a gimmick?

One of the best composer in Indian cinema, Illayaraja has scored music for hundreds of films. But the latest buzz is that his next film with ‘Paradesi’ director is supposedly his 1000th film as a composer. This has come has a shocker for many people as ardent fans of the maestro have kept track of his films.

However, the makers of the film are promoting it as Illayaraja’s 1000th film and there’s authenticity in it. This could probably be a publicity stunt or a gimmick to woo audiences to listen to the film’s music when it will be released. The album supposedly has 10 songs and Illayaraja has used lot of folk beats in his compositions. Because when Illayaraja’s manager was contacted by media, he didn’t confirm the news and added that had it been his 1000th film, then there would’ve been celebrations for the same.

Bala’s film features Sasikumar and Varalaxmi in lead roles and it is said to be about folk dance of Tamil Nadu in the late 50s.