From times immemorial, with increase in modernization and standards of living of people, Hyderabad had witnessed jam packed roads along side progress increasing rapidly. The city people have started to live with them. Wait people! We are not going to discuss the common problems faced by Hyderabadis here.
Coming to the topic, Ram Charan Tej’s Racha audio is all set to release tomorrow at People’s Plaza, Secunderabad. Usually the audio functions takes place at Silpa Kala Vedhika or Gachchibowli Indoor stadium. This is the first time a movie function is being hosted at People’s Plaza. The capacity of the stadium is said to be 3000 which is very less given the hype surrounding the movie. Fans started pouring from all over Andhra Pradesh to attend the function. The talks of Chiranjeevi, Pawan and Charan going to share a common dais increased the curiosity levels by bounds.
With all this in store, even the local police are commenting that the area is going to witness the biggest ever Traffic jam.
If you are going to be there, Take care buddy!