Is Director Maruthi Back To His Groove?Director Maruti has created a unique brand for him whereby people come to movies just based on his name. From film to film he has been improving his market, irrespective of the hero.

After working with many small heroes, Maruti did a film with a big hero for the first time with Babu Bangaram. There was good hype on the movie but it didn’t sustain as the content lacked the usual punch of the director. Even at the box office despite being the highest solo Venkatesh starrer, nothing much was achieved. It almost felt as if something was holding back the director.

Now for his next film he is back to his usual ways. The director has signed a film called Mahanubhavudu with Sharwanand in the lead. UV Productions which was a part producer of Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi is producing this film. One hopes the director is back in his groves for this outing. Mahanubhavudu would go onto sets soon.