as ravi kumar chowdary controversyYesterday night the comments of director AS Ravikumar Chowdhary took a section of Telugu movie fans by great surprise and shock. The director went on a rampage with his comments on Ravi Teja by invoking another big star that he is fan of. He was believed to be celebrating the success of his film Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham with few close people from unit.

Many of those people who were watching all of this unfold live right in front of their eyes on his Facebook page thought it must be a fake account in utter disbelief but even that proved to be a wrong which led to the next natural guess that all this could have been done through hacking his profile. As guessed by many, hacking was highlighted for the shocking comments and the director deleted his account from the social media.

All this was fine as not many have reported it and pushed it under the rug as an act of cyber crime, giving leeway to the director. But it looks like the director is looking to take the issue mainstream. It is being said that he is planning to arrange a meet with the press regarding this controversy. In effect the director is going to let know this issue to a much larger audience through this meet. Do you think it’s necessary at this point? Couldn’t he just let things pass silently?