During the state bifurcation, there was a split in the Tollywood film industry and several wings in the industry have separated for the new Telangana state, while some important associations chose to change their names from ‘Andhra’ to ‘Telugu’ so as to maintain a strategic distance from controversies. For instance, the AP Cine Writers Association has now been renamed as the ‘Telugu Cine Writers Association’.

Many filmmakers from Telangana region met KCR in the wake of taking over the CM chair and congratulated him while asking for his backing too. It is said that KCR is not all that content with them, Pawan Kalyan being the said reason for this lack of interest from the new CM. When Pawan lashed out at KCR for creating hatred among the Telugus, KCR felt that the film fraternity who represent Telangana kept mum and did not counter his attack.

Several movie associations are planning to meet the new CM of the newborn state. We will just have to see how KCR will react to them and extend his support or not. Meanwhile, the Telangana Cinema Directors’ Association is planning to organize a Telangana film festival in Hyderabad and the films made on Telangana culture will be screened during this event.