Son of Nagarjuna and grandson of veteran star A Nageshwara Rao, Young hero Naga Chaitanya is very hopeful and positive regarding his career ever following the success of his film ‘Thadaka.’ Chaitanya believes that ‘Thadaka’ has given him a well needed space from flop films and has given a new direction to his career.

Chaitanya believes that even while being an action movie, Thadaka had all the elements to entertain the family audience including Emotional sequences and on-screen family bonding moments. All this led to the overall success of ‘Thadaka’ and Chaitanya is now looking forward to the future and believes there is much more to come this year.

Chaitanya has also made clear that he would like to be called a mass hero since he is fond of doing roles belonging to that category and feels that they suit him well.