IPL 2020 - Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4The recent TRP’s of the fourth season of Bigg Boss proved that it is here to stay. People are interested in the show, and more importantly, under the current pandemic times, they are also entertainment starved.

But, in just after ten days, the Bigg Boss 4 has a bigger threat to deal with in the form of India Premier League. The thirteenth edition of the blockbuster entertaining cricket extravaganza has begun from September 19th. Is this going to be a threat for the Bigg Boss Telugu and how will it survive the competition is on many people’s mind.

Well, the answer to this simple – the more, the merrier. When it comes to the Telugu audience, they are always welcome to more entertainment. We see that with movies as well. When there are two equally entertaining movies, the audience laps them both. It is likely to be the case with IPL and Bigg Boss season 4.

The Telugu social media is filled with the buzz about Bigg Boss 4 and the inmates despite IPL commencing. Obviously, the latter will be talked on a bigger level, but Bigg Boss 4 looks like to be holding the fort.

The contents like Gangavva, Divi, Akhil Sarthak, Noel, Devi and Dethadi Harika are slowing capturing the interest of the audience. King Akkineni Nagarjuna’s is stamping his authority and leaving no room for silliness.

Everyone is waiting for the rating of the second week to be out to see how well the fourth season is sustaining. In many other languages, including the movies, IPL is forcing a change in plan fearing its domination. However, the Telugu entertainment segments operate without such fear due to the firm belief in the Telugu audience’s appetite for entertainment.