Is Bheemavaram Bullodu taking a long sabbatical?

Bheemavaram Bullodu starring Sunil in the lead has its audio released in a grand way in Bheemavaram late last year with the intent to release the film for Sankranthi. However that plan went kaput as the two biggies occupied almost all the screens. Later the film was postponed to January 24 and positioned as the first noticeable release after the Sankranthi movies.

However what they seems to have not anticipated was a barrage of movies facing the same issues as Bheemavaram Bullodu which is lack of screens and moving their releases to same period. Films like Emo Gurram Egaravachu, Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda, Heart Attack etc have all moved to the same period and this has put the makers of the Sunil starrer in dilemma. They are reportedly thinking of postponing the movie to a later date and this date could be quite long indeed. It is being said that the makers are planning to push the release by almost a month. We have to see how all this works out.