Akhil with mahesh babu photo

There are many keenly awaited debuts that happen from time to time simply because of the background attached to the debuting actor. Sometimes the combination does the trick like it happened with Sumanth, he was launched by Ram Gopal Varma and sometimes the immense promotions help the cause, like it happened recently with Bellamkonda Srinivas. But over the past few decades only the debut movies of Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan truly excited the whole gamut of audience and not just the fans. Now it looks like Akhil might join in this esteemed company.

Even without an official announcement about the debut movie, there is a tremendous curiosity and excitement among not just fans but common people also. One can sense this every time we look at the fans reactions at the mention of the name Akhil or the screams the girls made at his entry in Manam. The debutant too seems to have realized that is making sure that he doesn’t disappoint the fans as he is the one expected to carry the Akkineni legacy in the current generation.

Going by the way he is already planning the moves, it looks like the Akkineni scion wants to have a urban yet mass appeal like a Mahesh Babu. He has already hinted at blockbuster debut and buzz in the industry suggest that he has become an official brand ambassador for a popular watch company. All these decisions seem to have been made taking a cue from Mahesh Babu whom reportedly the debutant adores very much. With such good planning to back him up we can only hope that he also has the thing that takes to be a star and live up to the massive expectations as well. All that we have to do now is, wait for the official announcement to be made in Vijayawada as the actor promised.

Do you think Akkineni Akhil can be the new “Prince” and darling of sweethearts all over like his dad once was and Mahesh Babu is now?