akhil dance in akhil movieAkkineni family heroes Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya proved themselves weak dancers for sure. Breaking the jinx, Akhil showed promise to fans that he is really good at dances and action. He is fast and good at performing such fast paced dances like the other contemporary young heroes.

No doubt Akhil is a good dancer but not a great one. He seems to have put lot of efforts to groom in this department and that showed on screen too. But the problem here is lack of grace. Dance is one art form which gives equal importance to facial expressions besides flexible movements. But Akhil took little care to bring about that grace in his dancing.

All the terrific dancers in Tollywood like Chiranjeevi, Jr.NTR and Allu Arjun have excelled in grace and that’s what sets them apart as great dancers. Megastar dances like as if possessed by the charm of dancing and telling the story with his grace and emoting with his expressions. That’s why his name is taken the foremost when it comes to dancing.

Grace in dancing also makes the actor a good performer and that shows while acting in other sequences. Akhil has to put efforts in working upon bringing grace to his dance to make him a dancing sensation. Which in turn would show on his performance and make him a better actor in the long run.