Akhil-Akkineni-FansAkkineni Nageswara Rao is a legend in Telugu cinema that needs no introduction. He is one of the foundation pillars of Telugu cinema and will forever be remembered for his contributions to Telugu cinema. Akkineni Nagarjuna debuted as his heir into cinema and after a struggle initially struck big time with twin classics Shiva and Geethanjali, with the formal enabling him a permanent page in the history of Telugu cinema forever. He would later go on to create another milestone in the form of Annamayya. To cut things short Akkineni Nagarjuna lived up to his father’s reputations by being parts of such landmark movies that will remain immortal in the annals of Telugu cinema.

With the two generations living up to their name, much was expected from Naga Chaitanya, the third generation torch bearer of the Akkineni clan. He made loud noise on his debut platform at Josh audio launch but that was the loudest thing and biggest enjoyment the fans could get of him. He went on to star in few films that performed so abysmally that they created benchmarks for poor performance among his contemporaries. Looking at his future line up it doesn’t look like the actor would hit the big league any time soon which the fans are expecting. This in addition to the drubbing that Nagarjuna films are facing at box office is one of the major reasons why the entire fandom has turned their focus to Akkineni Akhil.

In Akkineni Akhil fans of Akkineni clan are hoping to see a turnaround for them. They are hoping that he gets into the big league and revives the josh and infuse energy into the fans. When fans are having such expectations is it right for the Akkineni think tank to plan Akhil’s debut with a director like Deva Katta? Can the director deliver such that it would get Akkineni’s and Akhil into the big league? Shouldn’t Nagarjuna plan a grand debut venture that generates huge buzz on Akhil because if he succeeds it is not him alone who benefits, it would be benefiting to both Akkineni Nagarjuna as well as Naga Chaitanya too? Keeping all this in mind don’t you all think a grand debut for Akhil is the necessity of the hour for Akkineni clan?