Is Addala Varun Tej's safe bet?

After much speculation it has come true that Srikanth Addala, who is riding on back-to-back hits, will finally launch Nagababu’s son Varun Tej into the Telugu industry. The film is set to be launched for Sankranti, and it’s only after this film will Addala begin work on his next project with Pawan Kalyan.

Addala is known for making heartwarming family entertainer but with the responsibility to launch an actor from mega star clan means he may have to make some compromises. If that’s the case then we will have to see what will Addala do. Will he trade his creative filmmaking style so that he could launch an actor from mega star family.

It made sense sometime back when Krish was announced to launch Varun because he has made commercial films unlike Addala. Or will Varun also try and send his image and opt for a debut albeit limelight ala Allu Sirish.