Irritated Deva Katta Takes a Class to AnchorWhen is director Dev Katta planning to do a proper commercial movie? This question has irked the director to the extent that he took a big class to the anchor who asked this question during a recent interview with the director about his upcoming Bollywood remake ‘Prasthanam’.

“We’ve come a long way away from the poverty called as a commercial movie, “said Dev Katta. He took the example of Sukumar and how he moulded a character-driven role for a star like Ram Charan and has delivered a blockbuster. Sukumar could have come out of the insecurities and commercial cinema format further, opined the director who is known for his progressive dialogues.

So, Indian Cinema has been erasing the thin line between commercial cinema and parallel cinema, from the past 4-5 years, said Deva Katta. Talking about ‘Ptasthanam’ Bollywood remake, He revealed that Sanjay Dutt was interested in the remake even before he went to the prison. It was Sanjay Dutt’s wife who was passionate about the remake.

Initially, Sanjay Dutt wanted to play Sharwa’s role and wanted Amitabh Bachchan for Sai Kumar’s role though the director was apprehensive. Now, Sanjay was convinced for playing the father’s role. Coming to the ‘Baahubali’ Netflix project, it’s only 50 days of shoot and Arka Media roped him to direct it. They are waiting for the director to finish the Bollywood remake of ‘Prasthanam’.