Irony of life - ANR's message ignored!

It takes a lot of character for some to come before press and reveal that he is battling cancer. At the age of 90, ANR displayed the valour. He requested press not to pester him with question or air rumours about his health. He requested with a smiley face to avoid sympathy visits or health inquiries as he do not enjoy them. He just wants to move on in his life as he is confident that he has lot of life to live.

But people does not seem to have got his message. There are good number of hoardings erected in Hyderabad city over night by ANR Fans wishing him a speedy recovery. These hoardings may be erected by people who love him but will only remind the grand old man and his family about the catastrophe and pain them further. The whole purpose of the courageous press meet is now gone.