Iratta_Malayalam-MovieMalayalam film Iratta is creating waves after its OTT release. The film revolves around the murder of a policeman during his duty hours and the investigation that follows.

The Telugu OTT audience is also watching the film with subtitles and can’t stop raving about its theme and execution. The climax is especially heart-wrenching and even indigestible for many. But since the shock value is tremendous it is being recommended by everyone who has seen it.

In the past, Sekhar Kammula attempted to show in his film Love Story, how one of the closest relatives tried to molest a minor girl in his family and how her whole life changes due to that traumatic incident. Telugu audiences couldn’t accept such a subject. The half-baked execution of the subject also needs to be blamed.

Malayalam films have always trodden the path less taken and Iratta is another example. In the film, the incest angle is taken to a next level which is beyond shocking to even those who watch the vilest cinema from all over the world.

Telugu audiences appreciate such cinema on OTT but if a mainstream filmmaker attempts such a subject, then the chances are there that the film will not be accepted. Malayalam cinema is opening its doors to stories that are taboo yet important.

Maybe in the future, we can expect such films from Tollywood also that speak of things that are important and relevant but are always pushed under the carpet.