Eve Teasing has been a menace to the country for several years. Forget about normal girls, even IPS Trainees seem to be affected with this problem. Kerala based IPS trainee Merin Joseph is extremely attractive and a group on the popular social networking site stalked her posting a photo with a caption “Merin Joseph IPS – How many likes for our new ACP of Kochi ?”

More than 500 people shared the photo, over 12,000 people liked it and around 300 users commented on it and the disheartening thing is most of the comments are vulgar and self-respect hurting. The lady trainee even though is being trained to challenge the most challenging crimes, is severely hurt and taken back by her stalkers and has deleted her facebook profile as her personal photos are copied and used for abusing. Merin is currently undergoing training at the National Police Academy in Hyderabad and will take up her first appointment next year in January.