Interview with Tabu!

In a recent interview with popular actress Tabu, of ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘The Namesake’ fame, she talked to media about herself and revealed some of her personal details. The actress seemed to fidget with her clothes and hair in the beginning for the pictures and then replied to our questionable looks saying, being an actress, looking good is pictures is more of a job description and even though she would love to get ready in just 10 minutes, it is something she just has to do.

On asking about her being “out of the picture most of the time”, she answered that she doesn’t see it like that. Tabu is of a totally different opinion in these things, she doesn’t do things because that’s how “they are supposed to be done”. The time has changed and so has the traditions. It’s not important to be seen anymore. That’s the change and she hasn’t seen the future but likes to take things as they come.