Prabhas Negative CampaignThe Telugu social media space is loaded with fan wars. Fans often take cues from the PR activity of their hero or use the box office performance of their hero’s films to pick a fight with others.

However, for some odd reason, Prabhas, who has the least PR activity and never holds anything against any other hero, is now facing a lot of untoward hate on social media.

A new set of moped pictures of Prabhas are now being extensively shared on social media by anti-fans. These pics look unnecessarily offensive as they take a dig at Prabhas’s look.

These morphed pics are being spread with an agenda and it is really bad to see something like this happen to Prabhas, who is naturally a warm and loving lad. All the social media hate he has been getting is adverse to his warm personality.

The intentional negative campaign against Prabhas is disgusting, to say the least. Not once has he posted something on social media that is targeted at anyone nor does he incline towards any PR trends. He is the most undeserved hero for these negative trends.

These morphed pics are taking it a bit too far as they dig against Prabhas’s off-screen looks which isn’t the right way to pick against anyone.