What is intelligent business? Here we go. Ajith’s Aarambham is being released on December 6th. The movie has okay level of hype associated with it. Some other makers have seen an oppurtunity in this and are releasing Ajith’s Billa as Billa-3 in Telugu. This is just a week ahead of Aarambham release. Ajith starrer Billa was released some 6 years ago and is a super hit in Tamil. One more intelligent tactics is the movie is captioned ‘Antham kadhu.. Aarambham’. The word ‘Aarambham’ will only further increase the confusion.

Ajith used to have good fame in Telugu till Vaali. But from then, both Ajith and the makers of his films failed to market him and his films well and slowly his market subdued here. His last few films have also failed to make a mark on audience.