Inside Story: Who Prepared Pawan Kalyan's Speech?We media usually address Pawan Kalyan as Powerstar while writing film news and as Janasena President when dealing with Politics news. But we are confused about how to address him for his speech at Republic Pre-release event last night.

The fiery speech has become a sensation in film and political circles for obvious reasons. There has been a discussion about who has prepared this speech for Pawan Kalyan. One of team member is at the event. Here is an insider’s account of what has happened.

A PRO of Pawan Kalyan has arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the star’s entry. The PRO was carrying a bunch of papers in his hand. After Pawan Kalyan arrived, the event organizers have set up a podium on the stage. Pawan Kalyan’s speech papers were arranged on it.

Then, what happened for close to one hour after Pawan Kalyan started speaking is known to everyone. Pawan Kalyan is seen looking at them every now and then. We are told that Pawan Kalyan’s speech runs close to Six papers. The speech has been prepared three days ago.

Pawan Kalyan has dictated the topics while a team of three writers who traveled with him for so long has written it. The final draft was approved by Pawan Kalyan. Interestingly, Major Newspapers were informed yesterday evening to keep space reserved on their main page for something important coming up later on in the day.

Pawan Kalyan’s team intentionally kept it a secret from industry people including Republic movie team to avoid pressure from Chiranjeevi and the others in the industry.