Inside Story: Can't Imagine What Mahesh Is Going ThroughSuperstar Mahesh Babu’s brother, Ramesh Babu passed away the other day. The Superstar always claims Ramesh Babu as his biggest influence. “He is like a father to me. I owe much of what I am today to him,” Mahesh Babu said in an interview a few years ago.

He also treated him with the highest regard. “Mahesh Babu is so attached to his grandmother (Ammama) and Ramesh Babu. When she passed away n 2007, he is literally shattered. After Atithi in 2007, he took around three years break when he was at the peak of his career due to her demise,” a source told us.

“We can not imagine what he is going through. He is a thorough gentleman and is very sensitive to his family. Once he packs up from the set, family is everything. He studied in the US but still does not even sit before his brother. Since he is down with COVID-19, he could not even see Ramesh garu for one last time. Hopefully, he will come out of this shock soon,” the source added.

Ramesh Babu produced Arjun and Atithi with Mahesh Babu. “In spite of the failures, Mahesh always offered to do films for Ramesh Babu. He at least wanted him to partner with his other producers. But Ramesh Babu felt he is not a lucky hand for his brother and did not agree to it. Even if that means a lot of financial losses,” we are told.