As it so happens, it is not just actors who undergo makeovers in the film world, but also scripts of films. Indeed, according to our resources, the script of Pawan Kalyan’s latest project Gabbar Singh 2 is undergoing a massive change in order to meet the image of Pawan Kalyan. Following the success of family entertainer Atharintiki Dhaaredi at the box office, changes are being made to the script of Gabbar Singh 2 which was originally an action thriller.

But in the new script, the aggressive tendencies of the lead character are expected to be toned down while an element of family drama is likely to be added. The fact is that even two songs for the film are going through a fresh re-composition. And all this because Pawan has become very conscious of his new image and wants all the changes to be incorporated in the film. It is heard that there will be some element of family drama in Gabbar Singh2.