Insensitive Rumors On Naga ChaitanyaNaga Chaitanya and Samantha’s divorce saga has been one of the most talked topics on social media ever since the couple announced separation. There have been several derogatory and provocative rumors pertaining to the couple. The majority of them were aimed at Samantha.

But now, a Bollywood media portal has cooked up a highly insensitive rumour on Naga Chaitanya.

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As per the report from the top Bollywood media portal, Chaitanya was in a relationship with a star daughter who is still active in Telugu cinema, before marrying Samantha. This report adds that Chaitanya was planning to marry the star daughter but things didn’t fall into place and he later settled down with Samantha.

It is common for certain media outlets to cook up fake news to gain viewership. But it is highly insensitive to spread baseless speculations on a person who recently announced separation and is presumably going through a tough phase in life.

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Chaitanya and Samantha have moved on with their lives. They are active with their acting assignments now.